Selecting the target country / countries is the first step in determining the target market (s) for our product. However, in order to define the country we select as the target market, we need to evaluate the potential of the country in terms of market by researching at the desk and in the target country. Because exportation means not only to transmit our product to our country's borders but to the borders of another country, but to deliver our export product to the buyers in the target country's market in the most profitable and efficient way.

The potential of our product exported primarily to determine the target country, we need to identify the situation in Turkiye and the world. Since determining the target market is a subject of market research, we use various data sources for this. To obtain the information in question, you can use the database offered by the International Trade Center ITC free of charge. You can become a member of this database by filling out the form at

1. What is the Customs Tariff Statistics Position (HS CODE) of our potential product?

For research on our product, we first need to know our product's HS Code (Customs Tariff Statistics Position). It is the general valid name of our HS CODE product in international trade. After determining the HS CODE of our product, it is now possible to obtain statistical information from any database. You can use the HS CODE Inquiry section on our website for this.

As an example, our product is olive oil. 150910 (pure olive oil) and 150990 (other olive oil) codes will appear when we write “Olive Oil” in the product name section of the HS CODE Inquiry page of our website. We choose our product pure olive, which is included in the code of 150910 GTIP.

2. How does the world import of our product develop?

In order to determine the development of world imports in relation to our product, we need to have information about the import volume of the product in the world, the quantity and / or value, as well as which countries imported, along with the increase or decrease rate of imports.

For this, we will examine the world imports by countries by entering the HS CODE code of our product from the ITC-Trademap ( database.

First of all, we log in to Trademap, where we have previously registered, with our e-mail address and password.

As soon as our entry is completed, we see the "Selection Menu" page, which is screenshot below.

Selection Menu Screen Display

In this menu, after selecting "Import" and selecting "Single" in the "Product" section, we write the code 150910, which is the HS CODE code of our product, as shown in the picture below. As an example, 1509 olive oil HS CODE is entered.