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  • Dear Sir/Madam As a result of our membership from Trade Atlas last year, we started to expand our export market. For this reason, we would like to state that we have renewed our membership to receive the same benefits. They help us professionally with their experienced staff in all matters that we ask for help regarding the data they provide. We are pleased and benefit from the data and the opportunities in the content of the Trade Atlas database that we have used during our studies. And these contents are extremely important both for our companies that have just started exporting and for our large-scale companies that want to expand and control their market. We also think that supporting them as a local information center is very important for the prestige of the country. Best Regards.

    SETKİM KİMYA 12.01.2022
  • Dear Sir/Madam, We are actively using the Trade Atlas platform, to which we became a member at the beginning of 2021. We aim to expand our foreign market share by renewing our membership in 2022. We think that e-commerce sites provide great support for information supply. Thanks to Trade Atlas for their service. Best Regards.

    Cansu Albayrak Oral UZ KİMYA 13/01/2022
  • To whom it may concern, Safranne Plastic sells polycarbonate chocolate molds. Our company, which has increased its export percentage every year since its establishment; continues its data, analysis and export report research meticulously. For this reason, we would like to state that we will increase our exports thanks to the up-to-date and guiding data we have received from Trade Atlas. We thank them for their positive contributions to our company during this period.

  • Dear Sir/Madam We would like to state that we are satisfied with the services we have received from Trade Atlas and that we have renewed it this year to receive the same benefits. They guide us professionally on the issues we want help in their fields. With the data it provides, we can both conduct market research and reach our potential overseas customers faster. We believe that Trade Atlas is also beneficial in increasing the export volume of our country. Best Regards.

    BURGMAN 12.01.2022
  • Dear Sir/Madam, Last year, we first exported to Venezuela through the Trade Atlas system and started to expand our export market. Since we are pleased with the system and the fact that the data is guiding at the point of foreign market intelligence, we renewed our membership for our other company this year and we are using it actively. We find it extremely important that Trade Atlas contributes to the country's exports and supports this service.



TradeAtlas; is an e-commerce website that provides the most up-to-date information about overseas importers for the companies aiming to start exportation or increase and diversify their exports and exporters. You can also find qualified suppliers which will help you decrease your company’s dependence solely on certain supplier(s) and reduce your sourcing cost. The importers & exporters information on Tradeatlas.com is obtained from bill of lading data and Customs records.


Genuine Importers Worldwide

You can have access to import shipments from all countries based on real “bills of lading” and “customs records”, which include not only the name of importer companies but also the amount, price, date, origin and supplier of the imported goods.To find out the importers you are looking for, you can search in our database through HS Code, Product Name, Importer Company Name, Exporter Company Name and Brand Name.

Track the Shipments of Your Competitors

You can have access to such critical information as the date, country of origin, amount and value of exports and imports made by your foreign competitor(s) as well as the recipient of those exported goods on monthly and annual basis. This will allow to tailor your marketing strategies by keeping a close eye on export/import activities of your competitor(s).

Monitor Your Buyers

You can learn about other suppliers of your buyers and when/on what terms/at what amount did your buyer purchased from other supplier(s), if any. In this way, you can analyze the product range imported by your buyer, its product diversity as well as its purchasing preferences and tendencies. This will lead you to both learn buyers’ way of doing business in your sector much better and have much more opportunity to get to know the current and potential buyers of your products.

Get Benefit of Smart Search

Through our smart search system, you can reach out to importers, which are ranked from larger to smaller according to various criteria in search results. This enables the companies with higher level of institutionalization, realizing more frequent importation and having higher volumes of trade appear at the top lines as a result of your search. In this way, you can easily sort out the importer companies, which have relatively low level of payment risks and are more reliable and credible. You can expand your business network and activities worldwide by contacting directly with the most relevant companies having greater potential to buy your products.

Qualified Suppliers Worldwide

It has become much more important to acquire raw materials, intermediary goods and other needed items in terms of increasing and sustaining the profitability of the companies. Diversifying the suppliers of raw materials and other needed goods will surely help you decrease your company’s dependence solely on certain supplier(s) and contribute to you in making sounder and more optimum planning in both production and marketing strategies. You can also learn about how many times (only once for all or more frequently) has the supplier engaged in exportation.

Watch International Markets 360°

In order to choose the right target market or markets, developing strategies specifically for the targeted markets, and make to-the-point decisions in this process, you can watch international markets with a 360 degree perspective. Accordingly, on both country basis and company basis, you may partner with the ones that are most suitable for you.