# Name Subject Location City Start Date End Date
201 3.TTI OUTDOOR İzmir -Camping Caravan Boat and Equipment Fair Caravans,Caravan Accessories,Equipments,Campgrounds,Garden Furniture,Camping Equipment,Security Services,Tents Fuar İzmir - Gaziemir İzmir 07.12.23 10.12.23
202 TTI İZMİR 17th International Tourism Fair and Conference Culture And Tourism Directories of Cities, Holiday Villages, Airlines, Hotels, Travel Agencies Fuar İzmir - Gaziemir İzmir 07.12.23 09.12.23
203 Ankara Camp Caravan and Nature Sports Fair Camping, Caravan Vehicles, Accessories, Camping Areas, Land Vehicles, Sports Equipment, Hunting, Wood and Hobby Houses Anfa Altınpark Fuar ve Kongre Merkezi Ankara 07.12.23 10.12.23
204 41.International İstanbul Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo-CBME Turkey Clothing, Home Textile, Furniture, Cariages, Toys, Nutrition and Care Appliances İstanbul Fuar Merkezi (1,2,4 Nolu Salonlar) İstanbul 13.12.23 16.12.23
205 Istanbul Local Markets Meeting and Fair Ensuring Business Development Of Local Manufacturers and Retailers FMCG, Gıda ve Gıda Dışı Ürünler WOW İstanbul Hotels&Convention Center İstanbul 13.12.23 14.12.23
206 POOLİST Pool, Pool Equipment, Chemicals and SPA-Sauna Fair Pool, Pool Accessories, Pool Flooring, Mechanical, Installation, Purfication, Filtration, Sauna, Pool Chemicals, Accessories, Pool Covering, Systems, SPA, Landscape Tüyap Fuar ve Kongre Merkezi İstanbul 14.12.23 17.12.23
207 Souvenir Expo Türkiye Touristic Gifts and Souvenirs Exhibition Tourstic Gifts, Souvenirs, Local Products and Handicrafts İstanbul Fuar Merkezi (5,6,7 Nolu Salonlar) İstanbul 14.12.23 17.12.23
208 Yenikapı Boat Show Expo Speed and Sails Boats, Marinas, Accessories, Diving Equipment, Water Sports, Sea Tourism, Associations and Technologies Dr. Mimar Kadir Topbaş Gösteri Ve Sanat Merkezi İstanbul 16.12.23 24.12.23
209 9. Turkish-Arab Building-Construction Materials and Technologies, Interior Architecture, Furniture Fair, Business Organization Building Materials and Technologies, Interior Architecture Pullman Hotel İstanbul Airport& Convention Center İstanbul 20.12.23 21.12.23
210 1. Energy Producing Buildings Summit and Exhibition Products and Services Offered to the Buildings That Produce Energy İstanbul Fuar Merkezi (5,6 ve 7 No.lu Salonlar) İstanbul 20.12.23 23.12.23