Ardasa Global Pazarlama İthalat ve İhracat Limited Şirketi


Ardasa Global Pazarlama İthalat ve İhracat Limited Şirketi


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Kermit started with the manufacture of molds almost 33 years ago, serving many customers with plastic injection molding products. Kermit has given much importance to Research and Development while developing the technology for roofing tiles. Development of proprietary machinery allowed their vision to become a reality. Today, with the development of new technology and responding to the changing needs of the roof construction sector, Kermit is developing the process of renewing and regenerating new businesses. During the development of new technology, this 100% recycled, unbreakable, non-volatile, insulated, lightweight, non-combustible roof tile with unlimited varieties of color is starting to permeate a wide service area. New tile designs and making ideas a reality to comply with the customer's needs while giving the customers total satisfaction are Kermit’s most important goals. Kermit values their customers trust and confidence in their products. We are growing with you and are considerate with the direction the consumer’s ideas are headed. Kermit is always on the cutting edge of technology and design. With the 33-years of enhanced global commercial sector experience, Kermit is seen as a leader in the area of roofing worldwide, and is now penetrating the U.S. market. We contribute to a high quality of life by leaving a livable world for future generations. Our purpose is to be a pioneer and leader in the industry globally. Please come and take advantage of Kermit’s quality, expertise, and strength. The attitude of Kermit roofing is to service our clients fast and insure quality work at a fair market price. Kermit is always conscience to the consumers needs at all times. We stand behind every job we do. Each job is inspected to meet the highest standards in the industry. Kermit Roofing's reputation as a roofing leader has been built and depends upon superior work and satisfied customers.

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