As communication and transportation opportunities improve, interest in international export and import activities increases. Establishment of the export or import company is the first thing that is necessary to be able to export and import. The establishment of these companies is not as difficult as it might seem. Anyone who wishes can engage in import and export activities if they fulfill the requirements. Persons who want to carry out import and export activities must first decide whether the firm they will establish should be a partnership or a company. Partnerships are divided into two main different types, namely sole proprietorship and common corporation. A sole proprietorship is a form of company that is managed and controlled by a single person and is also owned by one person. Simple partnership is the simplest form of company that does not have an entity separate from its owner. Similarly, companies are divided into two as limited company and joint stock company. A limited company is a type of company established by one or more legal or natural persons. A joint stock company is a form of company that is managed by majority in the boards and has all the features of being a capital company.

First of all, the type of company and business address to be established should be determined. This address can be a real office, virtual office or home office. Afterwards, it must be registered with the tax office and the chamber of commerce. Later, if it is planned to work in the company to be established, it should be registered with the Social Security Institution. In addition, for the company to be established, a business license and employment license is obtained from the municipality. Then there is a final action that needs to be done in order to export or import. The companies that will be newly established and will carry out import and export activities and that are already established in an old date and will carry out export or import activity should register to Exporters Union if they are going to export and they should register to Importers Union if they are going to carry out importing activities.

After this point, within a few business days, the company will be officially established and import and export activities can be started. However, it is useful to pay attention to some issues while exporting and importing. Export and import can be a field that requires a lot of procedures, it is useful to get help from experts. For example, we can work with a reputable customs firm for customs clearance and with a reliable shipping company for shipping. Another point to be considered is the accounting transactions. Since accounting is an area that requires a lot of attention, working with an accountant who has a good command of the import and export process may prevent possible future irregularities and possible penalties. It is necessary to prepare documents different from those used in domestic commercial activities in foreign trade. These documents are bill of lading, packing list, ATR.1 certificate, and certificates of origin. The regular preparation of these documents and their storage in the archive can be used to solve future problems.