1.     Car Products

As a result of the effects of the corona virus pandemic, people try to stay away from crowded environments and pay attention to social distance. For this reason, people have moved away from public transport and the time spent in the car has increased. As a result, drivers who want to increase in-car comfort cause an increase in the sales of rear cameras, in-car LED lighting, seat covers and phone holders. Firms dealing with export and import have begun to pay attention to this area.

2.     Cheap Smart Home Devices

In the face of rapidly developing technology, our living spaces and our homes, where we spend most of our time during the pandemic process, are trying to keep up with technology. The import and export of products such as smart sockets, smart bulbs and smart thermometers that make our homes more functional are still increasing in 2021.

3.     Consumer Electronics

The effects of technology also change our consumption habits. As a result of technological developments that are constantly updating themselves, products that are worn out are not in demand at the same level. Exports and imports of wireless headphones, drones and newly widespread in-ear Bluetooth headphones placed in the ear have started to increase.

4.     High Technology Devices

The demand for this field is constantly increasing as high technology becomes accessible to everyone day by day. People are in demand for high-tech products to make their lives easier, and companies dealing with trade have focused on the export and import of products such as phone cases, wireless chargers, screen protective films, and smart watches.

5.     Bathroom Accessories

Who wouldn't want to make bathrooms and their homes in general more accessible? At this point, the demand for bathroom accessories is also increasing. Indirectly, the export and import of products such as shower heads, hair holders and toothbrush holders gain importance.

6.     Fashion Products

When choosing fashion items such as clothing and accessories; consumers behave emotionally rather than consciously. For this reason, these products are always in high demand. According to the changing fashion trends, the export and import of puffy sleeved clothes and classic blue clothes is increasing in 2021.

7.     Sports Products

Since most people avoided going to gyms during the pandemic process, the number of people doing sports at home and outdoors has increased. New needs of people who start exercising in a new style have arisen. For this reason, export and import figures of products such as yoga mats, resistance bands and water bottles have also increased.

8.     Beauty Products

Again, as in the consumption of clothes, people tend to behave emotionally while purchasing beauty products, so the demand for these products also increases. The export and import of face jewelry nail decors and hair clips used in make-up is on the rise.

9.     Hygiene Products

The effects of the pandemic still affect our daily life to a high degree. People who want to reduce the risk of contamination have increased the demand for cleaning products. For this reason, the export and import of products such as cologne, face mask, gloves and hand cleansing gel, which have also positively affected the exports of our country, have increased.

10. Toys and Games

With the closure of schools during the pandemic process, children start online education. Children, who started to spend most of their time at home, are encouraged to play games in order to make creative activities, so the export and import of toys and games have increased their importance.

During the pandemic, our consumption habits have changed a lot. Online shopping seems to be the most common form of consumption. In a period where exports and imports are so widespread and growing stronger, TradeAtlas contributes greatly to the acceleration of commercial activities with the database it offers to exporters and importers.